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Healin Podcast

Apr 23, 2021

I had the joy of having a conversation with "sister phoenix" Tiffany Harnsongkram from @fromdivorcetodestiny about what it means to be using divorce as a conscious awakening and what conscious divorce coaching means as well as how truly difficult it is to be getting a divorce after been raised in deep Christian values that then bring very strong feelings of wrongdoing, "end of the world", and deep shame in an already hearth breaking traumatic event of divorce. She shared her healing journey and how she rose from the ashes, which included a complete deconstruction of her religious upbringing, a deep dive into inspirational TedTalks, the teachings of mindfulness from Echart Tolle, and the power of our thoughts and the stories that we make up, to discover her new truth, her life purpose, and taking life by the drivers seat.  This brought her amazing accomplishments, relationships and a new love in her life and now she is on a mission to guide her coaching and course clients. You work with Tiffany and access Tiffany's amazing courses on her website at or directly at the following link