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Healin Podcast

Jun 25, 2021

My goal is to inspire you to heal by sharing all the different healing modalities out there and this one is one of a kind. On this episode, I was super excited to learn all about IFS (Internal Family Systems) with Heather Smith who a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified in IFS and who has been practicing this modality for years. We talked about the history of IFS, and how it was developed by Dr. Richard Schwatz as a result of working with a bulimic patient, what all of our "parts" are, and how IFS works to access them and slowly and carefully "unburden" them so that they can go back into harmony and do what they would rather do! We all have parts, or "voices" whose role is to keep us protected from accessing our deepest fears or wounds and while these protect us in the short term and most often helped us survive and even thrive professionally, these parts don't offer our long-term health and wellbeing so when we feel unhappy or "stuck" looking at these parts to heal them, may before extremely beneficial to set us free.