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Healin Podcast

Apr 30, 2021

I had a fascinating conversation with Dr. Russell Kennedy, the @theanxietymd about what anxiety is, how it is rooted and comes from unresolved trauma or an attachment break, how it affects us and affects our marriages and relationships, and most importantly, how we can heal it. He shared his experience dealing with anxiety and trying everything he could with no success until he found the answers and the solutions that he now shares in his award-winning book "Anxiety Rx, A New Prescription for Anxiety Relief From The Doctor Who Created It". You can find and work with Dr. Kennedy at @theanxietymd on social media and on Clubhouse every Monday at 1 pm PST or 3 pm EST or on his website at If you like this episode, please share, rate and review and tell me what you think at, or on Instagram at @healinwithkaren.